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Most Common Chicago Garage Door Repair

As residential and commercial garage door service professionals in Chicago, we’ve pretty much dealt with every issue you can think of when it comes to garage door repair. Even still, there are sometimes issues that continue to surprise is at Chicago Garage doors, like the tiny insect nest growing on the photo eye sensor or the basketball that somehow managed to knock the door entirely off its track. Even though these garage issues are uncommon, it’s nothing that garage door service professionals like us can’t handle!

Chicago Garage Door Remote Not Working

Repair of Malfunctioning Garage Door Remotes

It’s possible that when you try to operate your garage door remote that it might malfunction - this can range from the door not registering your ‘open’ or ‘close’ commands, to it automatically opening or closing by itself. Garage door remotes can seem simple, only having two or three buttons, but they’re actually complicated. The radio signal from the remote is sent right when you press the button, and is sent to the radio receiver in the garage door opener, and processed for full authenticity, allowing the door to get opened. The newest garage door opener’s can operate with up to 15 separate remote controlled, linked directly with your smart home console.

Changing Code Protection

Remote controls used to broadcast a custom code that was stored inside its memory, a style of processing that was subject to many types of potential security risks. Garage door makers now offer rolling code technology, which generates a brand new code every time the door is opened, eliminating the possibility of passwords being stolen. However, due to the complexity of this security process, garage door remotes can end up broken from time to time. The team at Chicago Garage Door Repair has your back, and can repair any type of issue that might be affecting operation of your garage door remote.

Garage Door Transmitter Dead

Repair of Dead Garage Door Transmitters

There’s a range of issues that can affect garage door transmitters. One of them might be simply being outside of the range of your garage transmitter - try activating it once you’re inside your driveway. However, if this still doesn’t work, the antenna inside your garage’s motor might be blocked or obstructed, or even damaged - which will require expert repair. Your transmitter might be stuck under an object that’s continually pressing the button, or even have a mismatched frequency that’s messed with due to a commonality with a neighbor’s transmitter frequency.

Instant Garage Door Transmitter Solutions

We can remedy all issues with garage door transmitters including blocked transmissions, broken antennas, or mismatched frequencies. We can help you change your garage door frequency, or reprogram your transmitter according to the specific process called for by your particular garage door transmitter manufacturer. Contact us for instant, on the spot solutions.


Garage Door Track not Aligned Properly (Bent garage door track)

Quick Repair of Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Garage doors that operate normally sustain much movement, which eventually leads to necessary repairs or realignments. One of the most delicate and important pieces of garage doors, the tracks, are susceptible to movement and bending - which can prevent a garage door from working properly. Bent garage doors stop the garage door from working smoothly, and can jam them, and prevent them from opening entirely. This can be caused by non-lubricated rollers, broken cables or drum connections, metal fatigue, scraping of the vertical track, or a decaying jam or footing. While these maladies can cause serious issues, none of them are too complicated for us to handle.

Instant Garage Door Track Solutions

We can lubricate garage door parts with an aerosol lubricant, silicone oil, or light oil to hinges and rollers which might fix issues that the tracks are having. We can also repair both vertical and horizontal tracks to ensure proper operation, with precise and correct track spacing that guarantees successful working operation. While these repair operations might seem simple, they are best handled by professionals like those at Chicago Garage Door Repair, who can provide you with instant answers.

Misaligned Garage Door safety sensors

Repair of Malfunctioning Garage Door Safety Sensors

With all the heavy traffic that passes through garage doors, safety sensors can get knocked around. They might get covered with dirt or dust, which can cause misreading and malfunctions ranging from automatic triggering to unresponsiveness. They can also be misaligned, or disconnected from the rest of the garage door system due to disrupted wiring. While these issues might seem simple, they are best handled by experts, who can ensure instant solutions, and leave you peace of mind, rather than running the chances of breaking your door more by tinkering with it in an amateur fashion.

Our garage door safety sensor repair process

First we check for misalignment or disrupted or mixed up wiring. If you still have issues, we will fully remove sensors from brackets, wires from the wire nuts, strip the wires and retwist them together, and replace wires into the rear of the operator while aligning the sensors so they perfectly point together. Our team is guaranteed to discover the cause of any issue you might be having with your garage door safety sensors, and to repair it instantly, before your very eyes.

Garage Door Spring Broken

On the spot garage door spring repair

Garage door springs are an essential part of any functioning garage door. When they are stained, ripped, or broken, not only do they interfere with the successful operation of a garage door, but they pose a massive danger to anybody in the vicinity of the door. Broken garage door springs that support the massive weight of a garage door become incredibly dangerous when they snap suddenly, which can lead the heavy garage door to slam down without any warning. This danger makes even the informed repair of garage door springs highly risky for amateurs; we highly stress the importance of contacting experts like those at Chicago Garage Door Repair to handle any of your broken garage door spring needs.

Expert, Instant Garage Door Spring Remedies

Whether you’re working with torsion spring systems or tension spring systems, the expert technicians at Chicago Garage Door Repair can handle any problem that ripped or stressed out garage door springs throw at them. There’s simply no comparison against the expert, seamless work that our skilled servicemen regularly provide our client; work that our customers depend on to help bring their garage door, and their homes or businesses, to a functioning and safe place for their work or family. Next time you are dealing with broken garage door springs, give us a call right away.

Garage Door Tension Springs or Cables Broken

Expert Repair of Garage Door Tension Springs and Cables

Garage door tension springs and cables safely lower your garage door while it’s closing. If these cables or springs snap, your garage door might slam down super-fast with a massive bang. This is incredibly dangerous for anybody that might be below the garage door. It’s absolutely a good idea to contact us a garage door expert in Chicago if you are experiencing any issues with your garage door tension springs or cables. You can count on the experts at Garage Door Repair Chicago to provide you any and all of the services that you may require.

Instant Solutions for Tension Springs and Cables

Once garage door springs break, there’s massive amount of tension placed on the door’s cables, which will often break next, snapping and flying out like a massive rubber band, posing a danger to anyone in the door’s vicinity. Until your garage door is repaired, don’t park your car around or in the garage door, and don’t try to open or close the door - just leave it how it is, and contact the experts at Garage Door Repair Chicago for instant solutions.

Garage Door Manual Lock Issues

Expert repair of manual garage door locks

If your garage door won’t open, and it’s motor is running and shutting off after a few seconds, it might have been manually locked. If you verify there’s no other issues by checking the door springs and track, check to see if the door locks are engaged. Many garage doors, especially older ones come with manual locks, which appear like handles or knobs in the door’s center with bars that urn from side to side. There could be a button above or on the side of the handle that can slide the bar across the doors, locking it from the inside - which can be quite easy to accidentally engage.

Instant solutions for jammed or broken garage door locks

If you’re turning the handle and nothing is happening, even from inside, it’s likely the garage door lock is jammed or broken. The experts at Chicago Garage Door Repair can provide you the utmost quality in repair services, effectively unjamming your lock, or fully removing it and replacing it with a more functional lock so that you won’t have the same issue in the future. Next time you are having issues with an unresponsive manual garage door lock, give us a call for instant solutions.

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