Smart Garage Guide

There’s been a recent increase in smart technology available to consumers. There’s smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart phones, even smart toilets! Well, guess what?! Now there’s smart garages! Here’s a brief guide to this convenient new technology that you can easily have installed by a licensed garage installation expert!

Benefits for the Absent Minded Garage Owner

You may find yourself wondering some days once you’ve already left your home whether you remembered to close your garage door. You have a ton of things going on, a billion responsibilities, and 2 billion distractions. So why not make things easier on yourself by allowing yourself to control your garage doors with your smart phones, from a distance, even when you’re far from home. This can allow you to have ultimate peace of mind. Let’s get rid of our old clunky garage door openers – which do, in fact, represent a sort of security risk in the event of their theft – and celebrate this new generation of smart garage door openers!



You can even control the lighting in your home as you enter your house through your garage just to make things easier on you when you’re returning from a long hard day at work. The new Wireless Light Control by Liftmaster, as well as their Remote Light Switch, will allow you to turn on your lights by utilizing your smartphone or garage door opener’s remote control app on your smartphone. With this, there will be no more fumbling for your light switch when you come home – simply walk in, and be greeted with warm, welcoming illumination.


Garage / Pet Compatibility??!

Many home owners allow their pets to reside inside the garage. It’s a convenient place to store a doggy bed, so they can be inside critters, without traipsing all over your furniture when you’re not home. The MyQ app from Liftmaster allows you to control all sorts of aspects of your garage – and by adding a Nest Cam indoor security camera, you can remotely watch over your pet in your garage during the day to make sure everything is alright. This is also a good way of monitoring the safety and security of your garage when you’re a long way from home, just to check that nobody has broken into it. And for those pet owners, you can even talk remotely to your pet through the camera, so they can be reassured through your voice if they miss you.

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