Garage Flooring

There’s many reasons you might want to upgrade the floors of your garage. You could intend to protect the floor’s concrete from surface wear or from chemicals or gasoline. Or you might want to make the floor more artfully beautiful or comfortable to walk on. Or you might simply want to increase the material value of your home. There’s tons of garage flooring options – here’s a guide from the experts at Garage Door Repair Chicago  on how to determine the best kind.


The First Questions

Are you intending on transforming your garage into a living space? In that case you might want to use the same kinds of flooring that you would in any home like tile or laminate flooring. If you’re certain that you’re never going to utilize the garage for any other reason than a living space, carpeting might be an alright option – but if you’re not certain, we advise installing a more durable surface. And if your garage is a workspace, you need to choose a durable store with safe levels of friction and an ease of cleaning it up.


Durable Flooring

We recommend epoxy as a floor covering since it’s stain resistant, waterproof, and attractive. Epoxy is a coating made of an acrylic-latex that’s extremely tough and can be used in commercial or residential settings, as well as coming in a wide range of colors. Floor mats can protect the surface of your floors, provide sound insulation, and keeps the floor warm. These mats can be used to cover up the whole surface of your garage including workout areas, and they come in a range of colors and textures. These floor options can work great in either workshop spaces or entertainment spaces – with epoxy being a versatile flooring choice for rooms that are used for both living and working.


Further Options

Other flooring options include sealers, paint, and concrete stains. However, we recommend either rubber mats or epoxy because not only are they more comfortable, but they are safer. Rubber floor mats are more pleasant to walk on, not to mention safely slip resistant. However, if you can’t spend lots of money, concrete sealants are a great option for you to extend the longevity of your concrete floor and help your floor stay stain resistant.

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