Best Garage Door Updates

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When you’re trying to get professional Chicago garage door repair services, you might consider upgrading your garage for heightened functionality and convenience. Here’s some of the best garage door updates that you can implement.

Epoxy Flooring

It’s likely that your garage has a concrete floor with oil stains that can’t even be removed through power washing. As long as the floors aren’t too cracked up or malformed, you can seal it with an epoxy. This makes messes easier to clean up, and adds a sense of cleanliness and organization to the look of your garage. You can choose from many different styles and looks of epoxy flooring, but try to be aware of their rules regarding juxtaposition with the sub-floor’s usual ambient humidity level.

Ceiling Storage

This is a fantastic upgrade for organization, and allows you all the benefits of alternative storage to help make order of your garage clutter. Create an overhead storage area that can accommodate large plastic bins that will fit all the ephemera usually strewn about your garage. Just make sure that your garage door still has room to totally open with full safety.

Smartphone Integration

You can get a smart garage door opener from many brands that allow you to control your garage door from anywhere in the planet. This is ideal for letting friends or neighbors into your garage for any reason when you’re not physically there, or if you suddenly realize you may have forgotten to close your garage door when you’re already away from home. Some garage door openers can even be used to control your interior lighting, so that your lights are automatically turned on when you get home.

Heavy Duty Storage

If you have tons of expensive, heavy, or delicate objects that you store in your garage, consider investing in heavy duty metal cabinets to house them. This will allow you maximum peace of mind in both a security and home organization standpoint, and these cabinets can even be placed on heavy duty caster wheels so that they can conveniently roll, or even get equipped with a workspace tabletop.

Home Bar

This decadent upgrade allows you to transform your garage into a hang-out space with a swanky full bar – a fantastic option for those who don’t really need to use the garage for storage (either because you park in your street or driveway, have a second garage, or don’t have a car!) which allows you to maximize your living and leisure space. Simply get a barstand, work table, and a hang out table with comfy seats to effectively double the luxury of your home.

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