Garage Door Replacement in Chicago

Why Spring is the best time to work on your garage

We’re all very happy that it’s finally spring. The return of the sun and lengthening of days is cheering us all up from our winter hibernation. Spring is a great time to clean your garage – and it’s also a great time to check out if it’s a good time to replace it in case it started malfunctioning during the long harsh winter. Here’s three reasons that  spring is a great time to replace garage door in Chicago.

Good Price Points

Most construction and garage door industries try to start their selling year as soon as the snow melts. Garage door businesses often have fantastic promotions in the early months of the season for those who want to purchase and install brand new garage doors. If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for a garage door, you will be pleasantly surprised by the modern range of colors, styles, and insulation options!


Winters harshly affect garage door spring systems

If you don’t want to change your door completely, it’s wise to get it restored through maintenance service by a licensed garage door expert. The majority of garage door service calls by these companies are due to problems with the garage door spring counterbalance system. It’s not rare for springs to rip after winters – so Spring is often considered a fantastic time to fix these springs, especially if it’s been a while. The majority of springs have lifespans of about 5 to 6 years, where after which, they will lose their strength and durability. A spring system that’s weakened will just become weaker over time due to the stress of the garage door’s weight, and eventually break – leading to an even worse situation. Don’t assume the garage door opener does all the heavy lifting – springs are essential pieces of garage doors. Before you remove all your important spring items from your garage, contact your local garage door expert for a full tune up.


Safety and Security

Most home renovation projects are begun during the Spring – whether they are a roof revitalization, or a replacement of windows to more energy efficient glass options. However, these projects represent somewhat of a security risk, when you will be distracted and there will be potential openings into your home. Garage door security is important too – and thieves have begun to steal garage door remotes hanging on the dashboards of unlocked cars – as a way to gain easy entry into homes. Understand that by ensuring that your garage door is working properly, and won’t stall open  – or even replacing your garage door to a version that doesn’t use the insecure external remote format, instead using a code or biometric based access system – you will be protecting your home past Spring, through Summer, and towards the years ahead!

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