Signs of Unbalanced Garage Door

Unbalanced garage doors can be extremely dangerous – which is why it’s 100% essential to understand all the signs that a garage door is not properly balanced. Here’s a guide to understand how to tell if a garage door and it’s many complicated moving parts are unbalanced as prepared by the Chicago Garage Door repair experts at Garage Doors Chicago.

Signs your Garage Door is Unbalanced

  • If your garage door appears uneven. If when it’s raising up or sinking down, your garage door looks uneven, there’s something wrong – which can range from worn down or broken torsion springs, or single frayed spring cables.

  • If your garage door closes on it’s own when you’ve manually opened it.

  • If your garage door is making strange sounds. This can mean something is wrong like a cable or spring failure.

  • If your garage door won’t open at all.

Dangers of Unbalanced Garage Doors

When your garage door is unbalanced, the worst case scenario involves the sudden snapping of a cable or spring, which can bring the massive weight of the garage door suddenly down leading to severe property damage. This involves a huge risk especially with torsion springs, as even the attempted repair of torsion springs can be incredibly dangerous for amateurs. If your garage is unbalanced – and especially if your torsion springs are wearing down, don’t hesitate to contact the Garage Door Repair experts at Garage Door Chicago for instant solutions that will restore safety and security to your residential or commercial property.

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