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LED Bulbs in Garage Door Openers

LED and fluorescent light bulbs are increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency. It’s much better to use LED light bulbs in electric garage door openers since they last 25% longer than normal fluorescent bulbs, and they don’t have a disruptive effect on the signal between a garage door’s opener and remote control.

LED Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, are semiconductor bulbs that give off light when a current of electricity moves through it. Different from incandescent light bulbs that only use five percent of it’s given energy to give off light, wasting the rest of the energy by transferring it to heat, LEDs are much more energy efficient. LED lightbulbs can be used on dim (low output) settings, as well as as indicators for electronics – or even as bright, high output bulbs for normal lighting needs.


Advantages of LEDS for garages:

  • They provide massive energy savings (85% compared to normal incandescent light bulbs)
  • They have a lifetime of about 25,000 hours based on an average use as 3 hours a day – which is very practical indeed if the only other lighting in your garage comes from it’s door opener.
  • They produce instant light, just like incandescent bulbs, and have zero warm-up time like fluorescents.
  • They produce minimal amounts of heat.
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