Improving Garage Layouts

We at Garage Door Chicago understand how to make the most of garage space. In our days as leading professionals in our field, we’ve seen countless variations on messy and disorganized garages. If you have a cluttered and messy garage, and want to clean it, you might be confused as where to start. Here’s our guide on where, and how, to start doing so.


What’s in your Garage?

First sit down and make a plan and inventory of exactly what items you keep inside your garage. First, ask yourself what you want to use your garage for. Do you want to keep it as a place to park your vehicle? Do you want to use it as a place to keep a freezer or another refrigerator? Do you want to keep it as a home workshop or place to store your tools? What sort of items will you store in there that you may want to use regularly? And is there anything that you currently store in your garage that you can give to charity or throw away?


Once you answer these questions, you will more better understand the true purpose of your garage, and what sort of items you will want to keep in it, versus what items are just nonessential clutter.


Garage Layout Visualization

We recommend using the website, Gladiator. It allows you to build a garage plan in either 2 or 3 dimensions, with the ability of starting from scratch. SImply input the width, depth, and height of the garage, as well as any objects inside the space including doors to the home, windows, lights, or others. Then add any items that you want, using their sizes. This process should take around 30 minutes to an hour, and allows you to prepare a 3D plan that can help you better visualize and plan out your storage needs.


Storage Options

There’s many possibilities for storage including shelves, hooks, or cabinets – and once you have a list of all the items that you want to acquire, those that you have already that absolutely need to remain in your garage, and a clean workshop space, you can be creative to find a way to maximize every inch of available space. You can use hooks and wall hangers, shelves and storage boxes, brackets for hanging bicycles, metal or wooden shelving, or hooks for hanging garden tools. You could even consider adding a mezzanine, or upper level storage areas. If your garage’s ceiling is 10 feet tall and the door is only 7 feet tall, you can use that remaining space above the door for storage. If your garage ceiling is even higher than that, around 15 feet, you can add a lofted area or a mezzanine to maximize your storage space as well as organization. If your garage has stairs that go to eh basement, consider what items you can store in the basement that you won’t need too often – like tires.


Garage Doors

If you need any professional service for your garage door, please don’t hesitate to contact total experts at Garage Door Chicago – they will take care of your every need, and ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the fruits of their labor.

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